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Baloch2day.com helps you make the most of an online community that is passionate and opinionated about music, your music, your friend’s music, all Music. You know how a great song inspires you to share it…learn more about it…find more like it? baloch2day.com is a catalyst for exploring, expressing and connecting through music.

Baloch2day.com: a vast resource

While we can boast about having millions of pages of music, we are by no means complete. Our site is a work in
progress — a sort of collective effort. If you stumble upon something missing or lacking, we welcome your contributions. Or, if you know something we don’t, please share it with us and everyone else. This information is reviewed and added to enhance the accuracy and personality of the site. Ultimately, baloch2day.com is a reflection of you, the collective passion and knowledge of our users.

The team of B2D:

Baloch2day … The New Generation the Lineup

•  Artist-provided content from both independent and major-label acts including
customized artists pages with songs, similar artists lists and photos, forums.

•  Fan-generated content such as ratings, reviews, forums, and favorites lists.

•  Thousands of free balochi MP3s, plus streams of popular music and selected new albums.

•  Artist charts enabling artists to view their daily popularity level and sort by genre and zip code.

•  Easy-to-use tech guide with details and advice on the latest digital-music equipment and technology.

•  Photo gallery featuring thousands of images of today’s & legend hottest artists.

•  More than one million audio songs and mobile stuff including mobile software, themes, applications,
game, screen saver 3gp and mp4 videos.

•  Balochi films and musical media news updates and commentary on major industry headlines.

Attention all the visitors of baloch2day…!

There are some id has been used or may be still being use in orkut, face book many forum’s site , some other chat servers by some other people who are not belong to our B2D TE@M so that’s why we report to you that we have got some e-mails from the users of our site they complained that we use bad language we inform you there is nobody who is interconnected of our team, sit in forum sites and some other chat servers. If we mail and give other information to our users so we will reply to you from our feedback like feedback@baloch2day.com and admin@baloch2day.com which prove that message or e-mail is belongs to our site. And we have got some e-mail that balochistan2day.com is belongs to our team so that is erroneous statement. we really don’t know who the owner is of balochitan2day.com.

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